Frequently Asked Questions   


 Before you buy any of our services you should go through our frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions that are not answered feel free to call, chat or email us. We will usually get back to you by the end of the day or within 24 hours.


How does this work? How do you get Facebook Fans?

We have our own proprietary system for getting Facebook Fans and Likes. We use a large network of websites, Facebook Fan pages, and other ways of promoting your Fan page.

When you purchase Facebook Fans and Likes we promote your page until all of your Fans or Likes are received.

How do you know which fans come from you and which fans come from someone else.

We keep track of how many fans we've sent you by noting the count of fans on your page at the start of the campaign. Then we keep sending out invitations until your page has the number of fans that you purchased.

We do not recommend that you run multiple campaigns at one time. We cannot tell the difference between a fan that we send you and a fan that comes from another campaign.


How long does it take to start to see fans on my fan page?

We start processing your order within 24-48 hours after you order. You will start to see fans and likes within 2-3 days.


How long does it take to receive all of my fans?

Most fan packages are filled within 5-7 days.

What information do you need from me? Do you need Admin rights to my page?

All we need from you is the Facebook fan page URL.


What is the maximum number of fans you can deliver?

We have over 25 million friends (and increasing every day). We can currently get over 250k U.S. fans. We can get over 500k International fans. These large orders are by special request. Please contact us.


Will my Facebook Fan Page get deleted if I buy fans?

No. Your Fan Page will not get deleted. We are not doing anything that violates Facebook's Terms and Conditions. We have worked on over 3000 Fan Pages and none of them have been deleted.


What is your Guarantee?

We Guarantee that you will receive 100% Real Facebook fans. We Guarantee that you will receive all of the fans you order. We will not stop promoting your Fan Pageuntil you receive all of your fans. If for some unusual reason we are not able to get fans for your page you will receive a full refund equivalent to the number of fans you have not received.

We do not guarantee a specific time frame in which you will receive your fans.


Can you target cities, states, countries, interests, industries, keyword, gender, age?

We can not do any targeting at this time. We can get USA only fans and Worldwide International fans.


How do I know this is a real company? Your Domain name is private.

We have had two attempts to steal our domain name. Our Domain Registrar suggested that we use a Private Domain to protect it from being stolen. We are a real company from the U.S.

We are:

Fun Joy LLC

8705 Welles Harbor
San Antonio, TX 78240

Toll Free: 1 (877)-541-9057


Do you have References and Testimonials?

Yes we can show you pages we have worked on and we have testimonials from large companies we have worked for. I cannot list the pages here on this page because of our confidentiality agreement. But if you request references we can provide them for you under strict confidentiality.

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